July 25, 1998

Dear Dan:

Even though this letter has been a long time coming, it does not in any way reflect
any lack of appreciation for the transformation you effected.  We still stand and
admire and allow ourselves to be filled with the beauty of design, color and
movement you created.  
From our first meeting you listened and began the process of interpreting our
desires into landscaping language and then on to reality.  Well, what you were
able to do is even more than we could have visualized.  You have provided and left
us a work of art blending the natural, and designed, into a harmony that can only
be experienced.
Butterflies, and a beautiful array of wild birds visit us here.  Of course we also have
a few of the fun, but less invited wild life too.   We have seen a grey fox and a wild
bobcat running across the limestone blocks, and more recently we have been
introduced to additions to the one raccoon we named Tarzan.  We have had
regular visits to our garden from Mrs. Tarzan and 4 fat younguns enjoying water
from the fountain and left over bird seed.  We have had a variety of experiences
with at pair of squirrels, and I feel I could write a book for my two grandsons about
the antics of those two and how they have constantly outwitted our attempts to
keep them out of the bird feeder.

Please stop by some time and take a look at your work, as the plantings have
grown and filled out and a wonderful display of color greets us every day.

Of course this year is exceptionally difficult for plants, but with the great sprinkler
design and additional hand watering, we have been able to save nearly
everything.  It is worth the time and work to keep this palette of nature's art, a
beautiful legacy left to us by our creative mind.  I often remember you so carefully
placing pebbles and stones in strategic places to finish. I know that with each stage
of the work you directed and so often hand placed many, many plants and shrubs
and trees, so that it would be the way you envisioned.

Thank you, so very much, for leaving with us a part of yourself so that we now
have decided to stay in Austin and keep this little spot for ourselves and others to


Jeff & Yvonne Brill