Dan Becnel, Landscape Architect
Specializing in Residential Landscape Consultation, Design, and Installation since 1983.
Dan Becnel, Landscape Architect (TX. REG. # 1789),
LSU,1982. Dan is a registered Landscape
Architect with over
33 years experience in the
landscape design/build industry in Austin. Prior to
working in Austin, he was with the award winning
SWA Group : Landscape Architects, in Houston.
Since settling in Austin, Dan has worked as a
Landscape Architect, contracting with several
installation companies to install his exceptional
designs.  Dan also has considerable experience in
high end pool design and sales.  

As both a student and alumni of Louisiana State
University, Dan has traveled extensively in both
Europe and Asia with their Landscape Architecture
Department, studying landscape as well as urban
design and architecture. “My goal is to design a
landscape that not only exceeds my clients
expectations for function and safety, but also is in
harmony with the natural surroundings.

Dan offers a full spectrum of residential landscape
services, including on-site consultation, conceptual
and detailed landscape design, and landscape
installation (hardscape, planting, sprinkler systems,
water features, and lighting).  He also works closely
with pool builders to assure his clients achieve the
best fit and function of their new pools with their
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