December 15,  1983

We are writing to thank you and all who worked on the project for doing such a fine job.  
We have had nothing by rave comments about our yard.  Especially the attention given to
fine detail.  

We would like to give a special thanks to the Landscape Architect Dan Becnel.  Dan was
very creative in his design.  He was patient and helpful throughout the entire scope of the
project.  He also finished the job on time and within budget.  We just wanted to let you
know who much we appreciated Dan's work.     

Sincerely,                                             Sincerely,

Michael Collins                                      Mary Alice Gomez
Regional Systems Engineering Mgr.         Associate Designer Linfield Design
Motorola Semiconductor, Inc.

                             Home address:
                             6500 Robbie Creek Cove
                             Austin, Texas  78750